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In the natural world we see a delicate balance of mineral, vegetable, animal and human life. We call the study of this balance "ecology". In the world ...

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Welcome to the website of the Eugene Halliday Society, also known as Ishval. We are working together to study the underpinning concepts which are contained within the major religions, philosophy, science and art, for the better appreciation, understanding and enjoyment of life. Our guide is Halliday’s extensive written and spoken Archive, which is free to download. We have a programme of talks and workshops in the North West of England, a bookshop for hardback copies of Halliday’s works and a discussion Forum on this site – your comments are most welcome, on the Forum or by email. Tutorials and audio transcripts are available via the Projects and Links pages.

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Eugene Halliday

Eugene Halliday

Eugene Halliday described himself as an Artist, which he meant in its Renaissance sense. He was an accomplished painter in both oil and water colour; he modelled the most beautiful miniature figures; he was a fine musician.

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